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9th - 12th MARCH 2023



Jean Haywood (EDO Tournament Director)

"On behalf of the English Darts Organisation, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IOM Government for their trust and in doing so assure everyone that not only will we be doing our utmost to preserve the wonderful Festival legacy Les and Steve have provided but, with the introduction of several new initiatives backed up by the most experienced team of dedicated event organisers in darts we are confident that in the years ahead we will be able to make the festival even bigger and more enjoyable for all visitors.

We look forward to welcoming many old and no doubt many new friends in March and in the years thereafter."

Scott Mitchell (BDO World Darts Champion 2015)

"Really pleased to find out that it was EDO chosen to organise the IOM Darts festival. For such an iconic event it was important that any replacement be both proven and trustworthy, and with the EDO that's exactly what we have. and I urge all players to support them and the Festival"

Deta Hedman (Darts Legend)

"I have so many wonderful memories of the IOM festival and have been going there for more years than I care to remember and the employment of the EDO as new event organisers will ensure that I (and no doubt hundreds of others) will continue to go for many years to come. A fabulous event and one not to be missed"

Tony O'Shea

"Like many I was really disappointed with the news about Les and Steve and frankly concerned about the festivals future, but now I know it is the EDO who have been chosen to replace them, at least those worries have been dismissed and we can all rest that little bit easier knowing that in the years ahead it will hav the most experienced team in darts taking over the reigns. Can now look forward to seeing everyone again in March"

Lisa Ashton (BDO World Darts Champion 2015)

"After thirty years many were understandably disappointed for Les and Steve but if anyone was to ever take their place then unquestionably it had to be the EDO who in my experience are the best tournament organisers in darts and I am now really looking forward to seeing so many good friends in March" 

Ross Montgomery (Scotland National Team Captain)

"Always been a favourite event of mine, and hopefully will always remain so. Really sorry to see Les and Steve depart but in the EDO the Festival simply couldn't have had found itself a better replacement to take over. The Scots are coming!"

City of London Darts Association

Paul Brown (CoLDA Chairman)

"We took a huge party from our little league to Jersey for their festival of darts (our first such trip!) and had a memorable few days and if that's the kind of event the EDO (JDO) and H provide then the second event will have to be the IOM.

If Carlsberg organised darts events then they would no doubt have to give it to these guys to run it for them, brilliant news!"